Calico Sky – One Of These Nights (Eagles cover)

Don Henley turned 70 this weekend! Here’s our tribute to our favorite Texas Songwriter.


VIDEO: Holy Sh*t (You’ve Got to Vote)


I had so much fun working with Rachel Bloom and her writers Zach Reino and Jack Dolgen on this “We Are The World” style election-day video. We tracked everyone’s vocals at Henson Recording and then immediately filmed their performance. The whole session took 14 hours and then I went home to tune and comp vocal takes until 6 that morning. Before submitting the final mix Moby asked me to lay down a bass line and string pads to thicken everything up. Too bad our candidate didn’t win, but I’m still grateful for the experience.

Calico Sky – Head Over Heels (Tears for Fears cover)

My brother and I put this together after a long work week. I’ve always loved the way Roland Orzabal flips so easily into falsetto in the original.  I hope I could give it some justice.


Calico Sky – Nobody Knows (The Lumineers Cover)

Here’s a tune co-written by our old friend Andrew Tinker for the new Disney Film, Pete’s Dragon. The Lumineers recorded the original version so we decided to make an electro cover instead.

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