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VIDEO: Holy Sh*t (You’ve Got to Vote)


I had so much fun working with Rachel Bloom and her writers Zach Reino and Jack Dolgen on this “We Are The World” style election-day video. We tracked everyone’s vocals at Henson Recording and then immediately filmed their performance. The whole session took 14 hours and then I went home to tune and comp vocal takes until 6 that morning. Before submitting the final mix Moby asked me to lay down a bass line and string pads to thicken everything up. Too bad our candidate didn’t win, but I’m still grateful for the experience.

Lucy & La Mer – Tainted Love (music video)

Here’s a new music video for a track we produced last year. Lucy & La Mer and More Than “No” collaborated on the video together as direct response to recent cases of sexual harassment in the music media (Dirty Projectors, Best Coast, Kesha).

I’m so proud of Lucy, what a great message.  Please watch it:

Also, thanks to for the sonics compliments.

Read their review here:

Shani Rose – Cover of “Say Something”

My friends, Shani Rose and Roi Matalon came over to record  a cover of Say Something (a duet by A Great Big World and Christina Aguilera.)


Video by Marc Morgan.


Lucy & La Mer – Just Friends

Lucy & La Mer’s first single, Just Friends, from their upcoming EP was released earlier this week.  They’re promoting it with this great video, directed by Michael Anthony Lopez.  It features a pink VW bug, a tap dancing solo and a slow motion pillow fight.

We had a lot of fun tracking this one, as we recorded the band live and added the harp, banjo and backing vocals later.  It’s my opinion that skilled musicians always perform better when they play together.

Track available on  iTunes.

Words and music by Lucy LaForge, ASCAP
Recorded and mixed at PearlTone Studios, Los Angeles
Mastered at Abbey Road Studios, London

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