Moby – Porcelain (Visual Memoir)

This was my first time to mix audio for film/tv.  This was a bit trying since I wasn’t onsite to record the original audio.  In some of the urban scenes, we had to cut out all extraneous sounds using iZotope noise reduction software and rebuild the ambient soundscapes using foley.

RIP Sir George Martin

Sir-George-Martin-with-the-BeatlesSir George Martin has died.

It’s difficult to measure his influence. Growing up I hardly listened to popular music until I was introduced to The Beatles as a teenager. The first time I heard his horn arrangement in Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band I think I nearly fainted. I joined a Beatles cover band and the records he produced defined my high school years. He taught me it was okay to cross the line between “classical” and “popular” music. Like Mozart and Monteverdi, he influenced my decision to pursue a career in music.

As producer he made the greatest rock band of all time better. His orchestrations masterfully colored the songs of Lennon and McCartney without overshadowing them. His creative studio techniques changed the sound of popular music. It was no longer enough for a recording to merely mimic a live performance. Under his influence the record became a separate and sometimes superior work of art. He elevated the role of producer from technician to artist.

History will cite George Martin as one of the most influential musicians of the 20th century.

Rest in peace Sir George Martin. Your music will never be forgotten.

-Joel Nesvadba

March 09, 2017

Lucy & La Mer – Tainted Love (music video)

Here’s a new music video for a track we produced last year. Lucy & La Mer and More Than “No” collaborated on the video together as direct response to recent cases of sexual harassment in the music media (Dirty Projectors, Best Coast, Kesha).

I’m so proud of Lucy, what a great message.  Please watch it:

Also, thanks to for the sonics compliments.

Read their review here:

Lindsay Rae Spurlock – Electric Cowgirl (single)

New release produced, recorded, and mixed at Pearl Tone!

Synthpop songtress, Lindsay Rae Spurlock is releasing her Electric Cowgirl singles next week. Here’s a preview with the track “Take Me To A Place.”